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Welcome to the File wiki of Bios, the student organisation of the Biology students of Leuven.


There are often a lot of requests for files (reports, course summaries, papers, ...). In many cases you get redirected to a shared email address, a dropbox accounts, a Facebook page or something else. To add to this chaos (but hoping that it will ultimately reduce it), we created this wiki. On this website, you can browse through the pages of with practical and excursion reports, student papers and summaries of the different courses and phases.

Feel free to add your own documents to the respective pages, so that cross-pollination can occur, which is indispensible in a major like Biology. We only ask to keep it clear and to not delete files of other people.


This wiki is not meant to share files of others. It is subject to the copyright rules and when documents are uploaded that are not compliant with this legislation, it can result in permanent removal of the wiki and all its content by My PBworks. There is also a limited capacity for files on this wiki. Large pdf's of handbooks and such would reduce this capacity needlessly.


What is not permitted:

     - Handbooks (these can be bought through the Acco store, the Scientica course service, Bol.com, Amazon, ...)

     - Papers that are published in scientific (and other) journals (students can consult these through the KU Leuven Limo service or the ezproxy)

     - Course texts, handouts or powerpoints of courses (created by the professor or assistents) (these are often annually updated and can be fount on Toledo or by contacting the respective professor)

     - Practica mannuals (exceptions can be mannuals to which you have added drawings or notes)


What is permitted:

     - Summaries (no litterally copied texts from handbooks or course texts)

     - Lists of terms and definitions, flash cards, classification schemes, ...

     - Example solutions of exercise sessions

     - Example solutions of exam questions (for overviews of possible questions, you can visit the Bios Examenwiki)

     - Your own papers, reports, presentations, posters, ...


Everyone can download the documents on this wiki. It is not necessary to register with an account.


To add files, you do need to register first, after which the moderators can grant you access to the editable part of the wiki. Adding files is possible by going to the respective page of the relevant course. You can then click on the tab EDIT in the upper left corner. On the right, in the panel Insert links, click on the tab Images and files and upload the required files with the button Upload files. To add the file to the page of the course, put your cursor on the relevant place (you can add additional text to explain what the file is about) and click on the file (which is normally at the top of the list in the panel to the right). If you are ready, click on Save or Save and Continue (to make more changes to the page) on the bottom left.


The use of this wiki and its files is your own responsibility. The moderators are not responsible for inadequate solutions of exam questions or outdated summaries that can result in a summer resit, powerpoints with wrongly identified butterflies that can result in shameful experiences during excursions, or practical drawings that are copied upside-down, ...



Bachelor: Eerste Fase

Bachelor: Tweede Fase

Bachelor: Derde Fase

Bachelor Minoren



Bios Examenwiki

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